Urban Loft Ice Brand Mattresses

With Urban Loft Ice, experience ice cold sleeping surfaces. Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Exclusively available at the finest Mattress stores.

Urban Loft Ice Mattress Models


10.5” Gel Memory Foam


12” Gel Memory Foam


13.5” Gel Memory Foam


14.5” Gel Memory Foam


Rebecca S.

Urban Loft Ice is SO COOL! We love that the bed is ice cold every time we lay on the bed. The quality is amazing, kind of like the big national manufacturers. A+!

Steve L.

I am a hot sleeper and have tried a couple of different Mattresses that supposedly were Cold.None of them made a difference just bought a Urban Loft Ice Mattress and I love it.I am finally sleeping cool and you can really feel the difference.I have some back issues and this Mattress is helping, finally a little relief .I highly recommend this Mattress OMG finally sleeping well!!

Chris S

Me and my Wife were shopping for a new Mattress and we came across the Urban Loft Ice Mattresses.We have been sleeping on a old coil mattress and what a difference this mattress makes.I have never slept so good and cool.My Wife is Loving the cool sleep.We bought a adjustable bed with it what a sleep, its perfect.I wouldn't sleep on anything else if I can help it after sleeping on this Mattress.